Smart Glass

  • Switchable Smart Glass

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    Switchable Smart Glass

    Smart privacy glass, or electronically tintable glass changes the tint of any window, sunroof or skylight by electrically aligning tiny particles in a thin film within the glass or plastic. With the touch of a button, users can instantly change or tune the tint of their glass... Read More

  • Switchable Privacy Glass

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    Switchable Privacy Glass

    Switchable Privacy Glass works like this: With the touch of a button, you instantly have the choice between a transparent glass window or an frosted glass wall. Haozhi Group Co. is one leading company for customizable intelligent glass window products that offer complete... Read More

  • Smart Tint Glass

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    Smart Tint Glass

    Smart tint glass is well known as PDLC glass, smart glass, intelligent glass, etc. It is now widely applied for construction at home, in skyscrapers, in hotels, in vehicles, in villas, etc. With no applied voltage, the liquid crystals are randomly arranged in the droplets,... Read More

  • Smart PDLC Laminated Glass

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    Smart PDLC Laminated Glass

    Smart laminated glass is based on the PDLC smart film which sandwiched between two panels glasses, it can be made into tempered glass, curve glass and other shape glass. Many panels can operate at the same time on a single transformer or we can use multiple transformers to... Read More

  • Smart Glass for Bathroom

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    Smart Glass for Bathroom

    Smart glass can be called by switchable glass, magic glass, privacy glass and intelligent glass, can be supplied in a variety of configurations, ranging from ultra-clear glass to color tinted, curved, double glazed, fire rated, and shaped glass, in order to meet customers’... Read More

  • Smart Film Magic Glass

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    Smart Film Magic Glass

    Smart film magic glass is a ground-breaking product: a laminated glass panel composed of polymer dispersed liquid crystal film (PDLC). The electric glass offers privacy at the flick of a switch, by changing its state from opaque to transparent and vice versa instantly,... Read More

  • Laminated Safety Glass

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    Laminated Safety Glass

    Based on the latest polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) technology, switchable smart glass operates using a simple ON-OFF system, switching the glass from frosted to clear at the press of a button, acting as a remote controlled solution that assists with privacy,... Read More

  • Opaque Laminated Tempered Glass

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    Opaque Laminated Tempered Glass

    Smart glass, magic glass, or switchable glass, also called smart window or switchable window, which is a kind of high-tech product can switch from transparent to opaque instantaneously. It is opaque when it is powered off and it becomes transparent when it is powered on. The... Read More

  • Electronic Smart Glass

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    Electronic Smart Glass

    Smart glass is one kind hi-tech laminated glass based on PDLC technology, also known as Electronic glass, intelligent glass, LC dimmable glass, privacy glass etc. Sandwich the PDLC film between two panels of glasses, a new optoelectronic product comes out after high... Read More

  • Bathroom Privacy Glass

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    Bathroom Privacy Glass

    Smart glass is a kind of high-grade laminated glass with PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) film, and could change from transparency to opacity in instant by switching the electricity power. Privacy Glass is based on a PDLC privacy film. This film also named switchable... Read More

  • Smart Film Glass

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    Smart Film Glass

    Definition of Smart Film Glass Smart glass or PDLC glass, magic glass, switchable glass (also smart windows or switchable windows in these applications) is glass or glazing whose light transmission properties are altered when voltage, light or heat is applied. Generally,... Read More

  • Liquid Crystal Glass

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    Liquid Crystal Glass

    Smart glass, also named as privacy glass, liquid crystal glass, magic glass and switchable transparent glass ( STG ), is an intelligent high function glass, which has a special characteristic of changing between clear and opaque by voltage control. With such a function, Smart... Read More

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