PDLC Smart Film

  • Switchable Pdlc Smart Film

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    Switchable Pdlc Smart Film

    Dimmable Switchabe PDLC Smart Film Product Description The liquid crystal privacy film is made up of electrically conductive coatings, a polymer matrix and liquid crystals. Working Principle Specification PDLC Smart Film Technical Parameters Product Features: 1. Privacy... Read More

  • Privacy PDLC Film

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    Privacy PDLC Film

    Privacy pdlc film let you control space freely, easy to achieve privacy and openness, brings you comfortable and green life. Privacy pdlc film will be a largely potential product for high-level buildings. Read More

  • Switchable Pdlc Film

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    Switchable Pdlc Film

    pdlc switchable film is a product that is capable of adjusting light transmission between transparent and opaque using AC power. Due to moisture sensitivity, earlier versions of the film were used only to make smart glass by lamination on glass. With continual improvement in... Read More

  • Smart Film Pdlc

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    Smart Film Pdlc

    smart film pdlc is made up of electrically conductive coatings, a polymer matrix and liquid crystals. This film has electrical wiring to be connected to transformer to supply power for the “on” mode (clear state). Read More

  • Transparent Conductive Film

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    Transparent Conductive Film

    transparent conductive film was also used in office on the window of the building in a floor-to-ceiling capacity opening up the entire space with natural light, meanwhile allowing privacy when required. Read More

  • Electrostatic Smart Glass Film

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    Electrostatic Smart Glass Film

    ​electrostatic smart glass film was used in the CBD office in many partitioning systems to separate private meeting rooms, reception rooms and offices. Read More

  • Office PDLC Glass Film

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    Office PDLC Glass Film

    Office pdlc glass film are transparent when power on, opaque when power off, make them feature with rear projection, UV & IR block, privacy protection, energy saving & environmentally friendly, security and easy control, those are very good indoor and outdoor decorative products. Read More

  • Smart Tint Film

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    Smart Tint Film

    The Privacy and soundproof are two essential requirements in any office and conference center for now. We are sure that smart tint film are the best solution for office and conference center acts as an electronic blind providing privacy and security for any glass, window or... Read More

  • Bathroom Pdlc Film

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    Bathroom Pdlc Film

    Bathroom pdlc film can create a sense of space and bring a feeling of exclusivity as well as high-end technology. Furthermore, Smart glass and film also control over the amount of heat and light that enters a space and they can block 99% of UV which is harmful to body. Read More

  • Electrochromic Smart Film

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    Electrochromic Smart Film

    Electrochromic smart film offer a clear and modern solution for privacy in bathrooms, kitchens, room partitions, windows and skylights with a simple ON – OFF mode switches the glass from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque). Read More

  • Smart Glass Film

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    Smart Glass Film

    Smart glass film applies to any new or existing smooth glass surface. Easily control our switchable film from clear to frosted (opaque) with the controller.​ Read More

  • Liquid Crystal Window Film

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    Liquid Crystal Window Film

    Description of Liquid Crystal Window Film Smart PDLC film (polymer dispersed liquid crystal film), which is a kind of high-tech product, can switch from opaque to transparent instantaneously under electricity application. It is transparent when power on and opaque when power... Read More

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