Smart Film

  • Window PDLC Film

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    Window PDLC Film

    Description of Window PDLC Film Self Adhesive Switchable Film, consisting of protective film, ITO film and liquid crystal polymer, can make glass transmitted from transparent to opaque by supplying voltage. It is transparent when power’s on, and opaque when power’s off. PDLC... Read More

  • Switchable Smart Film

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    Switchable Smart Film

    Brief Introduction of Switchable Smart Film PDLC smart film, also known as switchable smart film, smart film, PDLC film, switchable film, intelligent film, which is an LCD product, based on the PDLC technology, and two layers of soft ITO film as electrodes, its transparency... Read More

  • Smart Window Film

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    Smart Window Film

    Smart window film also known as PDLC smart film, smart film, PDLC film, switchable film, which is a LCD product, based on the PDLC technology, and two layer soft ITO film as electrodes, its transparency can be adjusted with AC power, and the film can be made into two kinds of... Read More

  • Smart PDLC Laminated Glass Film

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    Smart PDLC Laminated Glass Film

    Liquid crystal film, I.e. smart film, is privacy upon demand. With the touch of a button, you instantly have the choice between a transparent glass window and an opaque glass wall. Iwitte smart Film/smart Glass have many useful benefits as storefront glazing, entry doors,... Read More

  • Liquid Crystal Film

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    Liquid Crystal Film

    Smart liquid crystal film also known as PDLC smart film, smart film, PDLC film, switchable film, which is a LCD product, based on the PDLC technology, with two layers transparent conductive ITO films as electrodes, it will be transparent when can connected with AC power.... Read More

  • Intelligent Smart Film

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    Intelligent Smart Film

    Smart-Film is a thin layer of photoelectric clear film, which easily adheres to any glass surface. The two electrodes at the end of the film connect to a power supply which, via a click of a switch or a remote control transmitter, energizes the photosensitive liquid material... Read More

  • Intelligent Glass Film

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    Intelligent Glass Film

    It is capable of adjusting light transmission between transparent and opaque using AC power. Intelligent smart glass applied for making smart glass by laminated machine autoclave on glass, or Stick on any existing glass surface, to get an instant privacy on demand. It gets... Read More

  • Colored Switchable Glass Film

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    Colored Switchable Glass Film

    In short, PDLC film is a huge flat capacitor which realizes transparent or opaque effect by applying or removing electric field to drive the liquid crystal molecules aligned or disordered array. Following fig shows PDLC film's usage. PDLC smart film including 2 major... Read More

  • PDLC Laminated Smart Film

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    PDLC Laminated Smart Film

    PDLC laminated smart film is a liquid crystal ( LC ) produce based on polymer dispersed liquid crystal ( PDLC ) technology and two semiconductor films of indium tin oxide ( ITO ) films used as electrodes. Protective layers of thermoplastic ( PET ) are used to protect the film... Read More

  • Building Smart Glass Film

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    Building Smart Glass Film

    Smart glass film is known as PDLC film (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal), also called electric smart film, switchable smart film, window PDLC film, etc. It is a new electronic controlled optical product, based on membrane technology, attach mixed clavicorn macromolecule... Read More

  • Liquid Crystal Window Film

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    Liquid Crystal Window Film

    Description of Liquid Crystal Window Film Smart PDLC film (polymer dispersed liquid crystal film), which is a kind of high-tech product, can switch from opaque to transparent instantaneously under electricity application. It is transparent when power on and opaque when power... Read More

  • Liquid Crystal Glass Film

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    Liquid Crystal Glass Film

    How liquid crystal glass film works? 1. OFF/Opaque, ON/Transparent 2. High transparency with low haze 3. Low energy consumption, less than 5W/sqm 4. Water proof & Heat resistance 5. Various sizes for option Specification of PDLC smart film Features of self adhesive PDLC... Read More

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