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How To Make Laminated PDLC Glass
Sep 05, 2018

PDLC smart glass consists of one layer of polymer dispersed liquid crystal and two sheets of glass  --  One layer of PDLC, with EVA or PVB layers, is laminated between the glass sheets. This is also called laminated PDLC smart glass. It can be at different thickness, and it can be tempered or made with different technique.


With electricity power on, the liquid crystal molecule become in order, and laminated PDLC smart glass becomes transparent.


The procedure for making laminated PDLC smart glass is mainly like: PDLC material is added between two layers of electro-conductive films – EVA or PVB, it makes the electro-chromic film, or privacy PDLC film; make two sheets of glass laminate the PDLC film in between with transparent adhesion in the use of lamination production lines.