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Case Sharing-Kineer International Smart PDLC Glass
Jul 24, 2018


Changsha, Hunan, China

Completed: September 12, 2017

Smart Glass Volume: 300


IWITTE Smart glass allows for easy and instant permutations of space, delivering privacy to carry out important meetings and presentations without distractions from onlookers and co-workers.


IWITTE Smart glass provides simple and reversible states of transparency with no alteration in light level making it an ideal solution for office interiors where ample lighting is fundamental.


IWITTE Smart glass was used in the KINEER INTERNATIONAL in many partitioning systems to separate private meeting rooms, reception rooms and offices.


IWITTE Smart glass was also used in KINEER INTERNATIONAL’s office on the window of the building in a floor-to-ceiling capacity opening up the entire space with natural light, meanwhile allowing privacy when required.



Iwitte PDLC smart film and smart glass are transparent when power on, opaque when power off, make them feature with rear projection, UV & IR block, privacy protection, energy saving & environmentally friendly, security and easy control, those are very good indoor and outdoor decorative products.


The PDLC smart film and smart glasses that Haozhi manufactures are widely applied to office, hotel, medical institution, bank, commercial center, exhibition hall, up-scale residence, villa and many other partition and projection applications.


Iwitte PDLC smart film and smart glasses let you control space freely, easy to achieve privacy and openness, brings you comfortable and green life.