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Which To Select, PDLC Glass Or Self-adhesive PDLC Film?
Jul 20, 2018

In order to have the privacy space effect, we can use PDLC glass as the partition. Actually, there’s another product good for this also: Self-adhesive PDLC film, which has most the same effect with PDLC glass.

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So, what are the main differences between PDLC glass and self-adhesive PDLC film?


PDLC glass includes two layers glass and one layer laminated PDLC film, while self-adhesive PDLC film is one kind of film. The cost of Self-adhesive PDLC film is of course lower than PDLC glass.


It is more risky to transport PDLC glass since it is heavier and fragile. Wooden crate will be even needed for long distance shipping. The cost of wooden crate and transport is then higher than Self-adhesive PDLC film.


The installation of PDLC glass is almost the same with that of normal glass except for the wire connecting.

You can stick Self-adhesive PDLC film on the surface of glass directly just like you do for your mobile phone, and then you connect wires.

Which to select, PDLC glass or Self-adhesive PDLC film?

1. According to the usage scenario.

PDLC glass is strong and hard and cannot be artificially damaged easily. So PDLC glass can be widely used, such as in office, hotel, villa etc., as partition or doors & windows.

Self-adhesive PDLC film can be used on most kinds of glass surface by sticking.

2. Get from reliable suppliers.

Self-adhesive PDLC film is recommended when you don’t have lamination line for producing PDLC glass on your own. You can save cost per square meter.

Or you can directly purchase PDLC glass as the final partition or doors & windows.