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Iwitte PDLC Smart Film For Rear Projection SystemⅠ
Aug 20, 2018

Iwitte smart film also function as innovative projection screens. Holographic and high-resolution images are spectacular using this as rear-projection media.


Rear Projection System Components and Principles:

1). Device Components: Controlling device, projector and smart film /smart glass.

2). Projection Principles: the controlling device consists of output controller, power controller and process unit. Connect projector with output controller, smart film / smart glass links with power controller, then output controller and power controller connect with each other within controlling device set by process unit. When power on, smart film / smart glass becomes transparent, can plays as clear common glass; when power off, smart film / smart glass becomes opaque, it canbe used as rear projection screen.

 Wide-angle precision optical projector is recommended, which is 0.233m ultra-short focal distance. 200 inch projection image is easy to achieve when 4500lm projector applied; for 6000lm brightness, larger than 200 inches projection image is enabled like showcase advertising, big new products release conference, cultural transmission company, concerts, exhibitions and other commercial advertising.