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Intelligent Glass Application
Apr 12, 2018


This kind of glass is made from electrochromic principle. In the United States and Germany very popular in some cities are building decoration, the characteristics of the intelligent glass is, when the sun at noon, the window facing south direction, with the increase of the sun radiation, automatically dimming, at the same time, in the shadow of the other toward the window began to bright. After installing the smart Windows, people do not need to shade the hot sun or install a mechanical hood. In the winter, the smart Windows facing north can provide 70 percent of the sun's solar radiation and get the warmth of the sun. At the same time, it can reduce the heating and cooling requirements of the buildings with color-changing glass by 25% of the energy, 60% of the lighting and 30% of peak power requirements.

British scientists are developing smart glass for future cars that will not only beautify, but will also add new features to modern cars. The glass is:

Tinted glass, a smart glass that controls the sun's rays. It blocks 84 per cent of the sun's rays, while the standard colorless 4mm glass blocks only 11 per cent of the sun's rays. If the car installs this kind of glass, can protect fiber and adornment not fade.

Broken glass, this glass is mainly used for side Windows. It was as strong as the windshield, and the thief could not break through the window to steal the material.

Image glass, the route navigation, marking and information system in the future car, the driver can get directly from the windshield, and can also see a mile away in fog and rain.

Infrared glass, which automatically opens the windshield wiper in rainy weather and changes the speed of the wiper according to rainfall.

Rainproof, anti-light glass, glass surface is treated with new technology, making it easy to waterproof, and reduce the amount of glass reflected light. The glass is used in the car window, mainly used in the car's various instrument masks to prevent the light reflected from the windshield into the driver's line of sight.

Embedded radio glass, the glass radio antenna can be embedded inside the glass, also all kinds of equipment, such as a cellular phone or TV set can be embedded into the glass, so that make the car more beautiful, not because of destruction of the antenna and the overall image of a car.

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