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Intelligent Dimming Glass Production Process
Apr 12, 2018

Intelligent electronic tuning is a laminated glass, optical glass is between two layers of glass with a layer of liquid membrane (commonly known as the adjustable light film, liquid crystal film), liquid crystal film by EN membrane covering the most central, use EN using one-step oven high temperature to shape. It is not suitable for the processing of high temperature autoclave because of the temperature resistance and pressure resistance of the liquid crystal film in the production process of intelligent electric control dimmer glass.

Several processing and production methods of dimming glass:

1. One step vacuum forming method. The device structure is simple, but really can make few dimming glass equipment, its processing technology looks be like simple, but in the actual operation process has a high requirement on the temperature control accuracy, there will be a waste phenomenon is bubble does, glue, degree of fog. Because dimming glass production cost is higher, and no more than one percent of the processing of scrap, so the non-standard and technical ability can not meet the precision control of enterprise, general can't dimming glass produced by this method. At present, there are very few manufacturers in China to master the essence of "one-step method". However, the finished glass finished product with this method has long service life and relatively stable performance.

2. Process with autoclave. The former process of autoclave processing is similar to one step process, and the high pressure autoclave is used in the later stage. Does autoclave processing can effectively avoid the bubbles, glue etc. Phenomenon, but the drawback is obvious, due to the stress suffered by the autoclave molding glass 2 times the one-step vacuum forming, and the main dimming glass sandwich materials conductive films by the conductive coating fracture caused by shrinkage or resistivity increase, make the dimming glass product performance and service life shortens greatly.

Autoclave molding in the equipment must be dedicated for dimming glass, precision is suitable for the characteristics of the optical glass, it is a pity that at present domestic few manufacturer is dedicated, for the most part and a mixture of conventional laminated glass, autoclave frequent parameter adjustment not only ensure the parameter requirements of dimming glass, also easy to damage the equipment.

3, water bath method is to seal the jig into the sink 100 degrees, is the most accurate and uniform all kinds of processing temperature, but the fixture manufacturing difficulty is very big, at present only Japanese manufacturers use.