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How To Install Self-adhesive Smart Film
Aug 03, 2018

Guide: Self-adhesive smart film installation


Step 1  Clear the plain glass


The plain glass at the project spot needs to be cleared with non-dust cloth and alcohol. As any dust on the plain glass may cause air bubble for the self-adhesive smart film. (Imagine you adhere film to cell phone)


Step 2   Clear self-adhesive smart film on the plain glass


Use non-dust cloth and alcohol to clear the side of the smart film to be adhered.


Step 3  Adhere self-adhesive smart film on the plain glass


The right custom size self-adhesive smart film is suggested to be adhered from top to bottom of the plain glass. Make sure the film adhered flat and level without any air bubble within.


You may use tools like glass wiper as long as it is not sharp or pointed, or it may break the film.


Step 4.  Wire connection of smart film


The electrodes – one negative & one positive for every sheet of self-adhesive smart film will be adhered with two different color wire separately. Connect the two wires with the commercial wires -- image.pngDO NOT connect the wrong electrodes.

And then connect the commercial wires with the power adapter


Step 5.   Test the power

When all the wires and power adapter are connected right, keep safe and try the effect of smart film with the switch

  (this remote control switch is the most usable one)


Make sure the ON/OFF effect is all right.


Step 6.   Seal the edges of self-adhesive smart film

Use suitable glass glue to glue the edges of the smart film to protect the film from water or air infiltrating.


The edge of the electrodes shall also be glued with the glass glue for insulation protection.


Step 7.  Striping the protection film for the self-adhesive smart film


When the glass glue dry out, strip away the protection film on the self-adhesive smart film.

Use knife tool to cut the surplus dry glass glue for the wholly better look.


Step 8.  Arrange the switch

You can fasten the switch on the wall


or any spot in your convenience.




1.     How to hide the power adapter?


The best way to hide the power adapter is to hide it in the wall. But this requires the reservation of enough space, which shall be prepared in the progress of room fitting.

If the room fitting is finished, make a small square box / stand in the size of the power adapter at the corner of the room. Or do you choose to dig a hole on the wall for hiding it?


2.     How to hide the wires of self adhesive smart film?

In most conditions, there are aluminum frames for glass partitions


Aluminum frame is always a great place to hide the wires.


If there’s no frame, wire trunkings should always be reserved during the room fitting for the wire hiding. Or sometimes you shall dig wire trunkings.


Sometimes if there are spacious enough trunkings, we use tank chain like the picimage.png for wiring. This will make the whole space more beautiful and more handleable, yet the cost raises too.