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Choose The Suitable For Dimming Glass Products Are Available From The Following Several Aspects
Apr 12, 2018

1. Manufacturers

Dimmer glass products are high-end glass products, which can be regarded as a luxury in glass, and of course, we should choose the products that are worthy of their value. At present domestic most general dimming glass processing factory processing history no more than 3 years, and the engineering case rarely (some manufacturers to borrow from each other engineering case picture making false propaganda), quality and reputation to be time to verify, more need to be careful when buying. Buy famous brand in the market or well known manufacturers of optical glass products, can choose regular professional glass manufacturers (such as: * * * * glass co., LTD.), rather than trade company, science and technology such as dimming glass sales agent or intermediary, can avoid the potential risks and enjoy good quality and after-sales service.

2. Look at the technical parameters.

For customers with strict quality requirements, it is necessary to make a more detailed understanding of the technology of dimming glass.

A. The light transmittance is excellent when the quality is good, clear and transparent, the appearance is beautiful and transparent when the power is off, which can protect the privacy very well. Simple test method: the palm is placed on the back of the glass, and when the power is off, the palm of the back can be seen from the front. Although it can be seen with its fuzzy back shadow, it must not see the fingerprint of the palm. Or you can put an object in a positive glass 3cm, and the light is balanced on both sides and not one side of the back light. The better quality of the light glass transmittance should be around 75%.

B. For the non-indoor use of dimming glass, such as the partition of the bathroom and bathroom, the curtain wall and doors and Windows inside and outside, should be asked whether the intermediate film of the optical glass should be made of the interlayer of EN or PVB. PVB (PVB) as a sandwich has a history of more than 30 years, PVB in poly (vinyl alcohol) segment containing hydroxyl groups with strong water-soluble, sensitive to humidity, and use of PVB need to consume more energy, costs rise. PVB processing finished product degree of fog, fog degree of 10% or more commonly, transmittance is less than 70%, and its specific chemical structure decided to acetic acid, alcohols and ketones material tolerance is poorer, and even can be dissolved or softening and loss of bond, does easy create glue, degumming problem in the construction process. EN (polyethylene-vinyl acetate) as the interlayer can avoid the above problems, and has a better transmittance, so it has been gradually upgraded to the PVB interlayer in the world. But the curtain wall glass and laminated glass for outdoor application generally does not recommend the use of EVA film as intermediate film, also do not recommend the use of the optical glass, the current international and domestic market almost no dimming glass used for outdoor project cases.

C. consumers can choose according to the requirement of the applications of functional glass using the corresponding glass panel, in general, dimming glass requirement for as-received standard is higher, so choose car level float glass as the dimming glass substrates. General manufacturer or new vendors, most would recommend the use of tempered glass as the dimming glass substrate, but the transparency and smoothness of toughened glass is not as good as float glass, due to the tensile force is different, can lead to does appear dimmer glass glue and degumming phenomenon.

D. dimming glass under the condition of installation choice, should choose a professional installation team in the factory for installation, hanging installation to need, try to avoid punch, for punching on dimming glass, will change the order inside the liquid crystal film molecules, lead to the dimming glass appears in use process loss. At present, the domestic manufacturer has mastered the advanced non-border suspension hoisting method, which effectively solves the problem of punching and fixing the installation of the dimming glass.

3. Quality of dimming film.

The quality of the dimming film is one of the most important factors in determining the quality of finished glass. Therefore, when purchasing dimming glass, the quality of the dimming film should be screened.

The liquid crystal film originated from the United States and then developed to Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions. In order to make the liquid crystal film reliable performance and stability, the international standard width of liquid crystal film is controlled at 3000mmx 1200mm. Nowadays, the domestic some liquid crystal film manufacturer, in foreign countries on the basis of second-hand machinery and equipment to be modified, in order to compete for market share, introduced a wide 1800 mm of liquid crystal film, but the poor performance and stability, and could not reach the requirements of the use of safe voltage, LCD liquid crystal membrane coating evenness technology indexes such as cannot be guaranteed. The technical content and difficulty of producing dimming glass liquid crystal film are very high, so it is suggested that users should not blindly pursue large size.

4. Look at engineering cases.

The purchase performance is stable, the after-sale service has the guarantee to adjust the light glass product, the most important still depends on the manufacturer's related application engineering case. We are choosing a manufacturer, not only depends on the manufacturer of the actual project cases, dimming glass to look at the best manufacturer real photos of actual installation site, rather than through computer late PS renderings. Therefore, before purchasing the dimming glass, we can ask the manufacturer to provide several well-known works and real photos for reference.

5. Look at the production equipment.

The general customer's understanding of the dimming glass is not very thorough, when choosing to adjust the glass, blindly pursue the low price, blindly pursue the transparency. But need to remind consumers pay attention to is: autoclave for dimming glass generally use PVB film, the main advantage is high transparency, bonding strength is big, but the use of PVB must be at a temperature of 135 degrees to meet the requirements of transparent and bonding strength, and ageing temperature of the liquid crystal film only 120 degrees. Therefore, made of autoclave dimming glass edge contraction in commonly 6-10 mm, so wide bright edge, do need the partition of flat-fell seam, will form the 10-20 mm between two pieces of glass transparent area, electric control, flat-fell seam glass joining together the effect is very poor. At the same time, the shrinkage rate of PVB film in the process of production and processing of autoclave is the main shortcoming of reducing the performance and life of the dimmer glass. At present, the domestic individual manufacturer to improve the efficiency of production, production, using high-temperature autoclave to appear dimmer glass products in use process whole yellow glass, liquid crystal film transparent and opaque cannot normal transformation, the phenomenon of liquid crystal film is gradually shrinking. Therefore, it is recommended to adopt the dimming glass made by vacuum forming method with high temperature and high pressure, which has the advantages of relatively stable product performance and long service life.