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Ceramic Membrane Development
Apr 13, 2018

The first generation of coating and composite technology, namely early solar paper, commonly known as tea paper, was produced in the 1930s, and the main function was to block out the strong sunlight. This kind of membrane basically does not have adiabatic action, use only for shading. Like dark glasses, they only change the visual sense of light, and the surface of the sunglasses is also very hot. So the insulation is poor and the clarity is poor. Market condition: the product is eliminated!

The second generation of dyeing process is also called heat absorbing film, the film produced in the 1960 s, more than seen on the market at present for the deep dyeing and filling with deep dyeing technique of endothermic agent, absorb the sun's infrared heat insulation effect. Because it also absorbs visible light, the visible light penetration rate is not enough, and the dyeing process itself is limited and the sharpness is poor. In addition to the poor resolution, the other weakness of the membrane is that the insulation is fading fast and fading fast. After a period of time (perhaps half a year), the film fades, is no longer insulated, and can blister, severely affecting the visual perception. This kind of membrane is especially suitable for instant thermal insulation test (the 4S stores often use this feature to make customers) to see different colors, such as red, blue, green, yellow, etc. They have the largest share of the market with the aluminium-plated film. Market situation: the brand has 3A, rayban, j&j, etc.

The third generation vacuum thermal evaporation process was produced in the early 1990s. The vacuum thermal evaporation process is to reduce the aluminum layer to the base material to achieve the thermal insulation effect. Such membrane has entered the field of metal film, of what we usually call has the insulating durable stays, but weakness is that resolution is not high, influence vision comfortableness, its another big highlight weaknesses is reflective is higher. The film has a clear reflective effect, and the aluminized film is an obvious representation. They have the largest share of the market with the dye film. Market situation: the brand has 3M, rayban, j&j, youma film and so on.

The fourth generation of vacuum magnetron sputtering technology was produced in the late 1990s and has undergone many technological innovations and is now perfect. Magnetron sputtering technology is the nickel, silver, titanium, gold, ceramic materials and other advanced aerospace alloy materials using the most advanced multi-cavity high-speed rotating equipment, using the principle of electric and magnetic field, high speed high power sputtering metal particles evenly on PET substrate of high tension. The products of magnetron sputtering process have good metal texture and stable thermal insulation performance, but also have the clarity and low reflective and lasting color that other processes cannot achieve. The metal magnetron sputtering has the characteristics of high clarity, high insulation, low reflection and no dyeing. It is the highest technology of glass film at present. Only part of the top film is the product of this process. There are single, four, five, seven and eleven layers. The higher the number of layers, the higher the price, the more stable the performance, the better the effect and the longer the service life. Market situation: the brand has: master series film, the top film of the dragon film, the top film, the quantum top film, etc.

Fifth-generation nano ceramic vacuum magnetron sputtering technique of ceramic membrane produced in the early 21st century, the effect of ceramic membrane separation with high efficiency, stability, good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, organic solvent, bacteria resistance, high temperature resistance, contamination resistance, high mechanical strength, membrane regeneration performance is good, the separation process is simple, low energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance, long service life of membrane and many other advantages. There is no shielding effect on GPS signal. The ceramic membrane mainly include: Macao fine ceramic membrane, amber ceramic membrane film market garbage membrane is very at present much, no one is willing to say his film is not good, but can be completely separate from the production technology of membrane, the best membrane production technology is vacuum magnetron sputtering, and the film without any pollution is not send out harmful material such as formaldehyde and benzene, won't fade, shielding effect of signal is weak. Ceramic membrane is dealing with the more advanced level of metal film, it is to put the metal film has carried on the processing of metal, the metal of this characteristic has carried on the special treatment, they have lost the effect of shielding signal.