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Ceramic Membrane Characteristics
Apr 13, 2018

The ceramic heat insulation film series is neither dyeing film nor metal film, it is a unique and durable performance of composite ceramic membrane structure, its special structure formed by the excellent performance, can cut off more infrared, make this series of car membrane has excellent insulation performance better than other products on the market. In addition, the ceramic insulation film series does not produce signal shielding for GPS and radio satellite communication systems, and will never fade and change color. Its novel design and the charm of the dazzle lead the new trend and fashion.

Ceramic insulation film series not only has the classic appearance, its leading technology can also give the car effective long-term protection, let the car owner enjoy the distinctive dignity.

The glass film is mainly divided into ceramic membrane and metal film.

The fourth generation membrane (metal film) mainly includes:

The weiyu film, the dragon film, the 3m film, the quantum membrane, the lei peng film, the Johnson film,

Aurora borealis, pioneer, global film, dupont, micro.

The fifth generation membrane (ceramic membrane) mainly has: amber ceramic membrane.

Two technical film advantages and disadvantages.

Metal film: advantages: good insulation. Disadvantages: the metal is easy to oxidize, the shelf life is shorter, the shielding signal,

Metal ions are easy to produce the second radiation to the human body!

Ceramic film: advantages: good thermal insulation performance, stable quality, lifelong protection. No blocking signals.

Cons: not yet.