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Ceramic Membrane Characteristic
Apr 13, 2018

Compared with traditional polymer separation membrane materials, ceramic membranes have good chemical stability, acid resistance, alkali resistance and organic solvents. The mechanical strength is large, can reverse wash; Strong resistance to microorganisms; High temperature resistant; Narrow pore size distribution, high separation efficiency, etc. In the food industry, biological engineering, environmental engineering, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry and other fields has been widely used, its sales at a 30% annual growth rate. The defects of ceramic membrane are the high cost, the brittleness of inorganic materials, the small elasticity, the forming process of the film, and the difficulty of component equipment.

Ceramic membrane (ceramic membrane), also known as inorganic ceramic membrane, is an asymmetric film formed by special process of inorganic ceramic materials. Ceramic membrane is divided into tubular ceramic membrane and plate ceramic membrane. Please note that the "CT film" is not an alias for ceramic film, which is a misrepresentation of the English abbreviation of ceramic membrane. Tubular ceramic membrane tube wall with microporous, under the influence of pressure, raw material liquid or membrane of the lateral flow in the membrane tube, small molecules (or liquid) through the membrane, macromolecule material (or solid) capsule intercept, so as to achieve purpose such as separation, enrichment, purification and environmental protection. Flat panel with microporous ceramic membrane, according to within a certain range of membrane pore size, the material molecular diameter different permeability of infiltration, driven by the pressure difference on both sides of the membrane, membrane as the filter medium, under certain pressure, when the material liquid through the membrane surface, allow only water, inorganic salt, small molecules through the membrane, and prevent the suspended solids in the water, gel and microbes macromolecular material through. Ceramic membrane separation with high efficiency, stable effect, good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, organic solvent, bacteria resistant, high temperature resistant, resistance to pollution, high mechanical strength, good performance, simple separation process, low energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance, long service life, and many other advantages, has been successfully applied in food, beverage, deep processing of plant (medicine), biological medicine, fermentation, fine chemicals, and many other fields, can be used in the process of separation, clarification, purification, concentration, in addition to bacteria, in addition to salt and so on.