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Ceramic Membrane Application
Apr 13, 2018

Ceramic membrane research began in the 1940 s, its development can be divided into three stages: used for uranium isotope separation of nuclear industry, mainly inorganic microfiltration membrane ultrafiltration membrane and liquid separation period, and membrane catalytic reaction as the core of the comprehensive development period.

Successfully in the early 1980 s the French dairy and beverage, wine, beer, cider, industry application, ceramic membrane separation technology and industrial status gradually established, applications also have been expanded to the food industry, biological engineering, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry and other fields, has become an important new demanding precision filtration separation under the condition of technology. In 1998, there were 452 manufacturers and operating companies of membrane and membrane equipment, including 50 metal film factories and 94 ceramic film production plants.

Due to the late development period and high cost, the market share accounted for the field of inorganic membrane are relatively small, the inorganic membrane market sales were $100 million in 1997, the ceramic membrane accounts for about 80%, only 9% of the film market. It is estimated that in 2004, the market sales of ceramic films in the world were about us $10 billion, and the inorganic film market share accounted for 12%. Due to the successful application of ceramic membrane in the separation of precision filtration, the sales volume of the ceramic membrane has grown by 30% annually.

The study of inorganic membrane in China began in the late 1980 s, by the national natural science foundation of China with the support of the ministries, represented by nanjing university of technology of ceramic membrane research team have been able to scale inorganic microfiltration membrane was prepared in the laboratory and ultrafiltration membrane reaction with membrane and microporous membrane are also under development. In the 1990s, the former national science and technology commission (now ministry of science and technology) organized the technological breakthrough for the industrialization of inorganic ceramic membranes, and advanced the industrialization process of ceramic microfiltration membrane. The national "863" program also included the "inorganic separation catalytic film" project. By the beginning of the 20th century, China has realized the industrial production of multi-channel ceramic filter membrane, and it has been successfully applied in related industrial processes. The 7th international inorganic film conference was held in China in 2002, which marked that China's inorganic membrane research and industrialization have advanced to the international leading level.

After ten years of development, our country of inorganic ceramic membrane industry has the world's leading technology, industry leading enterprise's technical strength and product quality has reached the international first-class level. Enterprises in the industry from scratch, the enterprise production also from the beginning of one million yuan has developed to the scale of hundreds of millions of yuan, 2010-2012 domestic inorganic ceramic membrane complete sets of equipment installation area total of about 120000 square meters. According to measure, all of 2012, China's total inorganic ceramic membrane and complete sets of equipment market is about 5 ~ 600 million yuan scale, domestic production enterprises of the market share of about 70%, has been in the biological fermentation, food and beverage industry, chemical industry, and have a certain scale in the field of water treatment applications.