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Case Sharing-Smart PDLC Glass
Aug 15, 2018

Haozhi Nano Technology Co., Ltd. has just completed a new project of PDLC switchable smart glass in Financial Holdings Centre in Chengdu City China.


This brand new project includes 27 sheets of Haozhi’s PDLC smart glass, about 64 square meters in total. This is for an individual glass-partition office. When the glass is transparent (power on), the office will be good-looking, and it’s an open environment. When there’ll be a meeting or something like that, you can turn off the power and make it all like  private space – People outside cannot see through within then.


The 90-degree joints of the four corners are connected perfect. And everything works wonderful.


PDLC smart film and PDLC smart glass will be a largely potential product for high-level buildings.