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Advantages Of PDLC Smart Glass Used In Hotel Industry
Jun 13, 2018

PDLC smart glass is no doubt a popular new product as construction and decoration material. It can protect people’s privacy and add the interest of use.

switchable pdlc smart film.jpg

Since PDLC smart glass can be switched between transparent and frosted, it has a lot more advantages for hotel industry than other types of glass.

1.   Better Visual Effect

When transparent, PDLC smart glass can expand the visual sense. It saves more space because PDLC smart glass is much thinner than wall.

2.    Easier to Clear Up

With all the features of glass, PDLC smart glass is easier to clear up than wall paint or wall paper.

3.    Sense of Technology

The product characteristics of PDLC smart glass gives it the sense of technology compared to regular partitions. It looks more advanced.

PDLC smart glass can be widely used for future life.