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The main purpose of insulating glass
Apr 13, 2018

Use of insulating glass.

Insulating glass is mainly used for heating, air conditioning, noise or condensation, and buildings without direct sunlight and special light. It is widely used in residential, hotel, hotel, office building, school, hospital, shop, etc. It can also be used for train, car, ship, freezer doors and Windows.

Insulating glass is mainly used for decorating the outer glass. Its optical properties, thermal conductivity and insulation coefficient should meet the national standards. The structure is reasonable, the design meets the standard hollow glass, can play its heat insulation, the sound insulation, the anti-theft, the fire prevention effect. Adopt vacuum double layer toughened glass to reach the laboratory standard more! The market also has the hollow glass that adds the inert gas and the color pigment gas, as well as adding the beauty bar to play the strengthening and the adornment effect.

The role of the insulating glass aluminum septum: aluminum is called the active metal element, but in the air its surface forms a dense oxide film, which cannot continue to function with oxygen and water. To react with oxygen at a high temperature, releasing a lot of heat, and using this high reaction heat, aluminum can displace metals from other oxides (aluminum heat method).