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Steel sandwich glass application field
Apr 13, 2018

Because the laminated glass has very high impact strength and the use of security, and thus is applicable to the structure of the door, window, ceiling, shower room, the floor and partition wall, industrial workshop of the skylight, shop Windows, kindergartens, schools, stadiums, private houses, villas, hospitals, Banks, jewelry shops, such as the post office keep valuables or fragile glass building doors and Windows, etc. Laminated glass is also used in schools, airports, hotels, ministry offices and other public facilities, where accidents are easy to happen (French Windows, glass doors, etc.) and roof skylights.

Curved laminated glass can be used to lift the elevator and the revolving door of the hotel. Bullet-proof glass and security glass can be used in Banks, securities companies, insurance companies and other financial enterprises business hall and gold and silver jewelry store, museums, commercial grade residential buildings, prisons and other places of the counter, doors and Windows. PVB films with special formula are widely used in aerospace, military and high-tech industries, such as aircraft, spacecraft and military.

Wet binder, that is the glue, this kind of method is simple, the production is affected by the weather. It is easy to turn yellow and degummed for a long time.

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