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Properties of laminated glass material
Apr 13, 2018

Even if the glass is broken, the pieces will be glued to the film, and the broken glass surface will remain neat and smooth. This effectively prevents the debris from puncturing and penetrating the falling event to ensure personal safety.

In Europe and America, most building glass is made of laminated glass, which is not only to avoid injury accidents, but also because the laminated glass has excellent earthquake resistance. The intermediate film can resist the continuous attacks of hammers, wood knives and other weapons, and it can resist the bullets for a long time, and its security is extremely high. The glass is safely broken and may shatter under a heavy ball, but the whole pane is still in a single layer, and fragments and sharp pieces remain glued together with the middle membrane. When the glass is broken, the pieces will not be scattered and will be used in vehicles and other vehicles. The toughened glass requires a large impact force to break. Once broken, the whole pane bursts into numerous fine particles, with only a few broken glass in the frame. Ordinary glass crashes, typical crushing conditions, resulting in a lot of elongated shards. When the wire glass is broken, the mirror teeth are surrounded by the hole, and there are more glass pieces around the point of penetration, and the length of wire fracture is different.