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Domestic application of ceramic membrane
Apr 13, 2018

The new industry of ceramic membrane has expanded the application of Chinese membrane into high temperature, high pressure and corrosion resistant environment, breaking the technological blockade of the west and filling the gap of China in this field. The film science and technology institute of nanjing university of technology, presided by xu nanping, has become one of the high level laboratories of international inorganic film academia. Their independent development of ceramic membrane equipment can exist in the chemical reaction of extreme environment, cleaning condition is realized more than 3 months of continuous and stable operation, it is considered to be China's ceramic membrane equipment can be applied in the continuous industrial. These achievements have won the first prize of science and technology progress of jiangsu province, the first prize of national chemical industry technology invention, and the second prize of national technology invention in 2005.

The ceramic membrane developed by xu nanping is the first in the field of chemical engineering, nano-materials and traditional Chinese medicine preparation, and has intellectual property rights. Among them, the special zirconia ceramic membrane has solved the key problem of the flux stability of the ceramic film processing for the treatment of rolling steel, and has won the first prize of China film industry science and technology progress. The application of technology makes the new process of comprehensive cost to 1/3 of the imported membrane device, and has set up a dozen of Chinese iron and steel industry in large enterprise established nearly 30 engineering, product sales over one hundred million yuan.

Because industry technical threshold is higher, to domestic production of inorganic ceramic membrane and few in number, complete sets of equipment of the enterprises which have large-scale production capacity and stable product quality enterprise is very scarce, resulting in industry production capacity and market share is concentrated in a few companies. However, due to the relatively short development time of ceramic membrane as a new product in China, the penetration rate of downstream applications needs to be further improved. Moreover, according to the technical performance of ceramic membrane, there are still many fields waiting for development, and the potential space of the future market is still very large.

Application experiment

End of October 2001, led by xu membrane of nanjing university of technology institute of science and technology launched the "traditional Chinese medicine preparation process of the design of ceramic membrane materials and process integration research" "863" plan project. With Chinese traditional medicine production process for the project for technological development and the implementation of the object, using the ceramic membrane filtration process to replace the traditional alcohol sinking process, built 5000 tons a year Chinese medicine extract of Chinese medicine preparation of new process and ceramic membrane supporting industrial equipment, will this new ceramic membrane materials used for technical renovation of the preparation of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the scientific and technological progress and improve the comprehensive benefit industry. As exciting as the technological breakthrough, the ceramic membrane technology developed by nanjing university of technology is being applied in a large scale. Ceramic membrane technology led to an industry, not only has produced significant social benefits and economic benefits, and cultivate a batch of ceramic membrane research and development, engineering technology and management talent, formed the ceramic membrane new industry in China.