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Development trend of ceramic membrane
Apr 13, 2018

The future development trend of ceramic membrane will focus on the following five aspects:

To further improve the separation accuracy of ceramic membrane separation and its stability and its implementation in the field of liquid separation of nanofiltration level continuous run efficiently, in gas separation field to realize the efficient separation of multicomponent gas;

The high temperature ceramic separation membrane material with large pore diameter and high porosity is developed to realize the long-term stable operation of high temperature gas-solid separation process in the fields of efficient utilization of resources and environmental protection.

To realize the regulation of the surface property of ceramic membrane, by changing its surface hydrophilicity and charge, biological compatibility, etc. to expand the application field of ceramic membrane;

To realize the low cost production of ceramic membrane and to construct the membrane material design and preparation method for application process, to solve the bottleneck problem of ceramic membrane promotion and application;

The paper develops the film material of strong acid and alkali, improves the stability of the separation property of membrane material, and extends its application scope in the process industry.