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Advantages of adhesive glass application
Apr 13, 2018

Modern bedroom, sound insulation effect is good, has become one of the important factors that people measure housing quality. Use the Saflex? PVB intermediate layer glass can block sound waves, maintain a quiet, comfortable office environment. Its unique filtering ultraviolet function, not only protects the people's skin health, but also can make the home valuable furniture, the display product to escape the fading bad luck. It also reduces the transmission of sunlight and reduces energy consumption. The many advantages of laminated glass, use in the home adornment aspect also can have unexpected good effect. The doors of many families, including the kitchen door, are made of frosted glass. When cooking, kitchen lampblack is easy to accumulate on top, if replace with laminated glass, won't have this trouble. Similarly, the glass interval of large area in the home, it is a safety hazard to the child that is born active, if use laminated glass, the parent can be relieved greatly. Even if the glass is broken, the fragments and the sharp little pieces remain glued together with the middle membrane.